Monday, July 29, 2019

Walking in the Slime

Returning from teaching dance class early Sunday evening, I docked my Citibike at the park near home. A large group of people were celebrating an anniversary, barbecuing, playing games, hanging out, and enjoying the sunset.

Safely docked, I raised the volume on my headset, pulled my big-bag-o-hipscarves out of the bike basket, and hoofed off to the local CVS.

"Wahh eee aaa waa wayy??!"

A man sitting in a mobility scooter shot me a look as I passed by. "Huh?" I asked, realizing he was talking to me.

"Is that your baby??" he said.

I turned off the sound on my podcast.

"What???" I asked.

"TAKE those things OUT of your ears when I'm talking to you!" he enunciated.

"I can hear you fine, sir," I said, not touching my earbuds.

"I said, is that your baby??!"

"What???" I asked again, starting to worry. What does he mean by "my baby"??? Did I drop something? I run back to the bike to see if I've left my bag in the basket. It takes nearly a minute of frantic confusion to realize that yes, the damned thing is on my shoulder right where it belongs.

So what is this guy talking about??

I walk back to him.

"What do you mean, 'my baby'??" I look at his friend, standing nearby. He shrugs.

"I saw a child running around," the guy says, "and thought it was yours."

I look around. There are kids running everywhere.

"Ummm.... why ... what???" Now I'm completely baffled.

"YOU are Walking in the Blind," he declares.

"Excuse me??"

"Do you know what that means, 'Walking in the Blind'?"

"Um... I can guess--"

"It means walking around completely unaware. You got that headset on and you can't hear what's going on around you!"

"Well ..uh, wouldn't that be 'Walking in the Deaf'?" I grin at his friend, who hides a smirk.

"You can't be walking around like that, not knowing what's going on around you!" he decrees again, and then repeats roughly this same sentence three or four times.

Finally, I pull the plug.

"OK. Well thank you for your concern!" I chirp and head off.

Over the next block, I started to shake a little. What the fuck was that???

I go over the particulars:

He'd said, "Is that your baby", claiming he believed that one of the kids near the dock was mine. But I had just docked the bike. How could I possibly have had a kid with me??

And even if he hadn't seen me slamming the bike into place, he surely had been at this event for hours. Wouldn't he have known I wasn't one of the participants? And even if a random adult and child had just wandered to the area, I was walking away with direction and purpose -- not quite something a parent with a child would do!!

So again:  What the fuck was that????

Answer:  It was stealthy street harassment.

Like every woman in New York, I'm used to guys hitting on me, or just making comments to me and about me -- basically taking a bite out of me as I walk by. And I know how to handle it; I brush it off, or don't let it in to begin with.

But this.... this was different.

This was criticism disguised as concern, a hit intended to harm for the sake of causing harm. Remember, street harassment isn't about sexual desire; it's about diminishing women to feed the harasser's ego.

And this.... this was as much a bite as any lowlife slapping my ass

Because he seemed to be saying something important .... I let my guard down. I let myself engage with this jerk. I gave him my attention and let him feed when I should have walked by.

And it took a toll on me, to the degree I needed to unpack it, sift through it, and write about it the next day ... still wondering why I feel unsettled by it.

Part of me wishes I'd figured it out sooner; that I'd given him my best Sherlock and enunciated at him the way he did at me; that it was clear he was full of shit and looking to feed off a passing woman like every slimebag in this fucking city.

But then I figure maybe it was better to laugh it off, as I did. "Thanking" him for his "concern" and blithely walking on.

For many years I've felt strongly that it's important to stand up to bullies--those who harm others so they can feel good about themselves. If we can just diminish those good feelings just enough ... just enough ... maybe we make the world a bit safer for the next vulnerable person.

Sure, sometimes a sock in the nose is just what the doctor ordered. But in this case maybe laughter really was the best medicine.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Strength in Diversity and Compassion – Wise Words from My Father

It's been a while since my last post, and although much has happened in my personal and professional life, I think – given the severity of world events – it's most appropriate to dedicate this first-in-a-long-time entry to the alarming increase in xenophobia and racism that is affecting communities large and small.
James & Linda Henning. Photo by Bev Widney.

Long before the current administration tried to close our borders to refugees struggling to find a safe home for their families, the Brooklyn neighborhood I grew up in faced a similar small-scale crisis:

The city planned to open a homeless shelter for women and children in Kensington, where my father grew up and still lives today with my mother.

For nearly fifty years he has served the community in its keystone organization, The Albemarle Neighborhood Association, and has taken an active role in neighborhood affairs.

In fall 2015 a community meeting was held to discuss "The Kensington" shelter and my father was appalled by the "absolute panic" of residents – many of whom were themselves immigrants seeking a better life – fearful of the newcomers' effect on the community.

As a longtime resident who knew the community's history of diversity and compassion, he drafted a short presentation to address these fears and remind his neighbors of the importance of lending a helping hand to those in need.

His words, over a year later, are even more relevant today, as we must continue to remember that we are a country united not by ethnicity or common heritage, but by ideals. And that most central ideal – to welcome those "yearning to breathe free" – must never be forgotten.

An ANA Table at a Recent Street Fair. Courtesy of  KARMABrooklyn Blog.

Comments for “The Kensington” Homeless Shelter Meeting, Thursday 12/10/2015

Good Evening.  My name is James Henning. Perhaps you know me from the Albemarle Neighborhood Association.   
I am a long-time resident of this neighborhood. Except for four years in the service, and four years living in Manhattan when my wife and I were first married, I’ve lived here all my life. I went to [the local elementary school] P.S. 130 – and my kids went to P.S.130 also. And although we don’t own a house, we have as much to lose as anyone in this auditorium if things went seriously wrong in this neighborhood.  
So, we have a fair amount of trepidation regarding the opening of a homeless shelter here.
Even so, I think the people coming to the shelter, homeless mothers and their children, should be accepted into our neighborhood.  It is the noble and compassionate thing to do.
I’m sure that many of us here have themselves been in dire straits at one time or another in their lives, or at least know people close to them who were in such a situation, and needed a helping hand.  
These people, although strangers to us, are NYC residents and need acceptance and a helping hand for themselves and for their children. 
Without a family network, or even friends with sufficient resources, they have turned to the city for this helping hand.
And the city has turned to us.
New York City at present is enjoying a period of prosperity.  One way or another we all are enjoying the fruits of this prosperity. For example: Home owners are seeing their property values rise. Landlords are seeing see that they can charge higher rents for their apartments. 
But, like so many things in life, this prosperity has a downside, and that downside is homelessness.  
I think it only fair, that while enjoying this prosperity, we also assume responsibility for the homeless situation, and do our part. 
I was at the meeting held at the Windsor Terrace Library and I must say that it was an embarrassment: Instead of witnessing respectful consideration of the points being presented by the attending officials, I witnessed absolute panic over what may or may not happen as a result of the opening of the shelter, and heard much anger and bitterness often aimed at things unrelated to the opening of the shelter.  
In addition, I saw the officials being treated with appalling disrespect. 
That said, I hope that you all here see the need for compassion and acceptance for those who will be our new neighbors. 
One way to think of them is as immigrants.  
Everybody here is either an immigrant or the descendant of immigrants and we’re all grateful for this country’s compassionate history of the welcoming of immigrants.
So, in that same spirit, rather than dismiss the shelter and its occupants out of hand, let’s welcome the new arrivals and, if problems arise, let’s deal with them rationally on a case-by-case basis.
We are a very diverse community, and this is something to boast about because we get along with each other quite well.  
In fact, it has always been a diverse community – all the way back to the 1940s!
With this in mind, I trust that our “better angels” will guide us this evening to a thoughtful and constructive meeting regarding this new addition to our community.
Thank you.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Thursday, April 7, 2016

We're Coming to Phoenix

I touched down late last night in beautiful Phoenix and am so excited to meet the wonderful local dancers who have been preparing to join me in this production!

Although Blood on the Veil is a monologue, in early 2013, I added some segments that could include other performers.

So now I am joined in every show by between four and as many as twenty local performers!!

The show begins with a dynamic emcee (Dayna, in Phoenix) who introduces the audience to the event, and then brings up two pre-show acts, showcasing contrasting styles of bellydance. These can be solos or group acts -- the only requirement is that they be of different styles.
Cane Dancers Adrienne, Mahin, and Melisula,
sporting the new Blood on the Veil Tank Tops!

The local producer (in  this case, Mahin, pictured in the center) chooses from among the local talent, and will usually look for a Tribal act and a Cabaret act, though in some shows we've had other interesting pairings such as folkloric/oriental, shaabi/American cabaret, gypsy fusion/pop cabaret fusion, and so forth.

The Phoenix show will feature Adrianne (at left) performing American cabaret, and Divine Chaos, performing their unique blend of world fusion tribal style.

At the end of the first act these and other guest performers join me in a special showcase of the various props used in bellydance (made possible by the local stage manager -- who will be TC, in Phoenix), which culminates in a riveting Egyptian cane dance (raks assaya). The Phoenix show will feature Adrienne, Mahin, and Melisula, pictured above.

At the start of Act 2, the audience is treated to a performance by a Master Teacher -- this is a dancer who is over age 45 and has been performing/teaching bellydance (any style) for more than 30 years.

For audiences new to bellydance, this is a rare treat that quickly dispels any notion of bellydance being about young girls wiggling for men's pleasure.

The Master Teachers -- in Phoenix, we are honored to be joined by the phenomenal Jazmine -- demonstrate the profound depth, skill, and magic of bellydance at any age.

Every show, I am so honored to share the stage with such powerful talent and warm hearts.

Thank you, Phoenix, for bringing the production here!

See you tomorrow night!!

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Tandava's Guide to the Zone--2015-16--Part VII: January 3rd Midnight to Noon

We're in the  Zone stretch with the seventh and final part of this year's Guide.

As mentioned in prior Parts I,  IIIII IV,  V , and  VI, the SyFy channel is airing the whole series -- all 156 episodes of The Twilight Zone in order.

This part covers the final 24 episodes of the Fifth Season, which unfortunately contains mostly turkeys, but there are a few that are excellent (such as "The Masks" at 6:00 AM directed by the TZ's only female director, Ida Lupino), and the remarkable "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge", which is actually an Oscar-winning French film based on a story by Ambrose Bierce.

I don't recall ever seeing this episode aired in any cycle of reruns.

Also never aired is "The Encounter" (9:00 AM) which is an engaging character study of guilt and vengeance with George Takei as the son of a Japanese American who had worked at Pearl Harbor. Unfortunately it contains not only racism but refers to a character who colluded with the Japanese during the attack, which is historically inaccurate and offensive enough even in fiction to have it removed from syndication.

The multi-plot-twisting "Sounds and Silences" (7:00 AM) was also pulled from syndication due to a legal issue, so this is the first time it will be aired since its first broadcast in 1964.

The turkey list is pretty long, and contains episodes that are considered by many to be worth watching (a la Plan 9 From Outer Space) simply because they are so bad, such as "The Fear" and "The Bewitchin' Pool".

As always, at the top is a short list including the current Time Top 10, my personal favorites, other noteworthy episodes, and the episodes which have not been aired recently.

The colors marking these categories are:

(1) Episodes on the Time Top 10 List – Listed in red.

(2) My Personal Favorite Episodes – These are underrated gems with strong scripts and beautiful performances – in green.

(3) Episodes Worth Watching – These have flawed scripts or execution, but often have compelling performances and/or ideas – in blue.

(4) Episodes That Haven't Been Aired Recently – These may or may not be good, but they are worth watching just because they have been off the air for so long – in purple.

Happy Zoning and have a wonderful 2016!!

My Favorites  Short List
(Click the time to jump to the episode description.)

12:30 AM  You Drive
1:00 AM  The Long Morrow
1:30 AM  The Self-Improvement of Salvadore Ross
2:00 AM –  Number Twelve Looks Just Like You
3:00 AM  Night Call
3:30 AM  From Agnes–With Love
4:00 AM  Spur of the Moment
6:00 AMThe Masks
7:00 AM  Sounds and Silences
9:00 AM  The Encounter
10:30 AM 
 Come Wander with Me

Full List  With Descriptions

12:00 AM – Ring-a-Ding Girl – S5.E13 | Medium episode about movie star returning to her home town and throwing a “celebrate me” performance of her one-woman show – competing with the town's annual picnic. Is this a diva craving attention, or is something else going on? Even though it’s not great, I always find myself watching this one all the way through.

12:30 AM  – You Drive  S5.E14 | A hit-and-run driver tries to escape consequences, but his car has other ideas. So-so story with some well done effects.

1:00 AM  – The Long Morrow  S5.E15 | Robert Landsing (Star Trek TOS's Gary Seven) is an astronaut preparing for a 40-year mission into deep space and back, for which he will be put into suspended animation. Mariette Hartley (Spock's girlfriend Zarabeth) is the woman he falls in love with a month before. A well-played story about love and sacrifice, in spite of the less than wonderful writing and massive plotholes. [Note: the SyFy channel had previously incorrectly listed this as "The Mirror", but that has since been fixed.]

1:30 AM  – The Self-Improvement of Salvadore Ross  S5.E15 | An abusive jerk makes TZ-style "trades" (e.g. 46 years of his life for an aging millionaire's fortune and apartment) so he can become the kind of man who can win the heart of the woman he desires. Good performances burdened by poor writing, but the twist at the end makes it worth watching.

2:00 AM  Number Twelve Looks Just Like You – Dystopic utopia where everyone is beautifully identical and lifts their pretty mugs with a glass of Instant Smile. (Perhaps an inspiration for Scott Westerfeld's excellent Uglies series -- where a "beautiful world" has a particularly nasty underpinning?) Mediocre script saved by Collin Wilcox's terrific performance.

2:30 AM  Black Leather Jackets – S5.E18 | Evil Fonzie-esque leather-clad alien (dressed this way to "blend") falls for local Earth girl in this poor man's Avatar.

3:00 AM  Night Call – S5.E19 | Originally called "Sorry Right Number," this careful-what-you- wish-for tale features calls from beyond and a beautiful performance by Gladys Cooper. It has also been recycled as internet glurge.

3:30 AM  – From Agnes–With Love  S5.E20 | Socially inept computer programmer finds his attempts at a love life ruined by Agnes, the advice-offering computer in his charge. Ridiculous, bordering on misogynistic. Skip it.

4:00 AM  – Spur of the Moment  S5.E21 | A young woman about to be married to a stockbroker whom she doesn't love is pursued by a terrifying woman trying to warn her not to make the wrong choice. An interesting twist and some good performances make this otherwise shrill episode worth watching.

4:30 AM  – An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge  S5.E22 | A Confederate spy about to be hanged gets a TZ-style chance at escape. This episode is adapted from an Oscar winning French film based on a story by Ambrose Bierce.

5:00 AM – Queen Of The Nile  S5.E23 | Dopey episode about life-sucking millennia-old Egyptian queen. Blah blah blah. Skip it. "Long Live Walter Jameson" (6:30 AM 12/31) handles the material much more skillfully.

5:30 AM – What's In The Box – S5.E24 Lame and ridiculous episode about a couple’s bickering leading to accidental murder and capital punishment. Freaky TV predicts it all. There, now you don’t have to watch it and aren’t you glad?

6:00 AM  The Masks – S5.E25 | One of the GREAT underrated episodes, and the only TZ episode to be directed by a woman, Ida Lupino (she also stars in “The Sixteen-Millimeter Shrine” 8:30 PM 12/30). A crusty millionaire geezer tells his greedy family he will die before Mardi Gras is over – but they must wear freaky custom masks through the evening if they want to claim their inheritance. Gives the term "know thyself" new meaning....

6:30 AM – I Am the Night–Color Me Black  S5.E26 | Murderous bigotry, hatred, and fear are bad things. OK. We get it.

7:00 AM  – Sounds and Silences  S5.E27 | A nautical enthusiast who was raised in a neurotically quiet home now enjoys the bells, whistles, horns, and explosions of recorded naval battles  to the chagrin of his wife who can't take it anymore. Now free to enjoy the din, he finds himself the subject of a TZ-style transformation. Amusing plot twists and a little psychobabble ensue. Due to a legal issue, this episode has not been aired since it was first broadcast in 1964.

7:30 AM – Caesar and Me – S5.E28 | Satan-spawn dummy drives hapless ventriloquist Jackie Cooper to a life of crime – matched in evilness only by tormenting then-child actress Morgan Brittany (later of Dallas fame). Similar material is handled much better in "The Dummy" (9:30 PM 1/1).

8:00 AM – The Jeopardy Room – S5.E29 | Defecting ex-KGB Martin Landau has three hours to find the bomb in his hotel room planted by his former Commissar, sniper-rifle-wielding John van Dreelen: If he tries to leave, he gets shot; if he doesn't find the bomb, it goes off (or is he supposed to get shot then, too?). Poor writing, overwrought direction and too many plot holes make this episode unsalvageable even by Landau's typically fine acting.

8:30 AM  Stopover In A Quiet Town – S5.E30 | At least it was quiet until this nattering couple woke up in a strange house with no memory of how they got there, and no one to ask where they are, or why the grass is made of papier-mâché. And if they'd shut up for two seconds, we just might care....

9:00 AM  – The Encounter  S5.E31 | A WWII veteran and the Japanese-American son of a Pearl Harbor worker (George Takei) find themselves in an attic where truths and bigotry reveal themselves. Most likely due to the veteran's copious racial slurs and the implication of Japanese-American involvement in the Pearl Harbor attack, this episode has not been aired since it was first broadcast.

9:30 AM – Mr. Garrity And The Graves – S5.E32 | A more humorous take on the “value of mortality” theme explored in "Long Live Walter Jameson," " Escape Clause," and others; add to this "be careful what you wish for” of "A Short Drink from a Certain Fountain," "A Nice Place to Visit," etc.

10:00 AM – The Brain Center At Whipple's – S5.E33 | CEO Whipple automates manufacturing with low-maintenance machines. Does he understand "the value of a man"? Go tell it to Skynet. Features the second of three cameos of Forbidden Planet's Robby the Robot in the TZ; others include "Uncle Simon" and "One for the Angels".

10:30 AM  – Come Wander with Me  S5.E34 | "Rockabilly Boy" Gary Crosby searches the backwoods for folk music and romances a good ol' boy's fiancee to let him record the song she sings. Murder, mayhem, and a confusing cycle of pursuit ensue in this nonsensical episode.

11:00 AM – The Fear – S5.E35 | Reclusive writer and state trooper battle giant (or maybe not-so-giant) aliens in this bottom-of-the-barrel turkey.

11:30 AM  The Bewitchin' Pool – S5.E36 | Worst. Episode. Ever. So bad it is actually worth watching in a Plan 9 sort of way... Even To Kill a Mockingbird's Oscar-nominated Mary Badham couldn't save this dismal excuse for a story. Spoiled brats escape manipulative divorcing parents by finding their way to SuperGrandma via an enchanted pool. Now, if Grandma dumped the tots in an oven, then we might have a story....

Tandava's Guide to the Zone--2015-16--Part VI: January 2nd 12pm to Midnight

Please note: This entry is a work in progress. Check for updates each hour. Thanks!! 

And the  Zone goes on  – with Part VI of this year's whopping seven-part Guide to the Zone.

As mentioned in prior Parts I,  IIIII IV, and  V he SyFy channel is airing the whole series -- all 156 episodes of The Twilight Zone in order, twice as many as the usual 80-90 that they show
Telly Savalas in the Fabulously Creepy "Living Doll", airing at 8:30pm

Over the past three days, we've gotten through Seasons One, Two, and Three (36, 29, and 37 episodes, respectively).

We are nearly done with Season Four, and at 6pm enter Season Five – the final season which contains some of the best ("Nightmare at 20,000 Feet" at 7 PM, and "Living Doll" at 8:30 PM) and some of the worst ("A Kind of Stopwatch" at 7:30 PM and "Uncle Simon" at 9:30 PM)

As always, at the top is a short list including the current Time Top 10, my personal favorites, other noteworthy episodes, and the episodes which have not been aired recently.

[Note, I'm picking up with Season Five and will update the descriptions for Season Four later.]

The colors marking these categories are:

(1) Episodes on the Time Top 10 List – Listed in red.

(2) My Personal Favorite Episodes – These are underrated gems with strong scripts and beautiful performances – in green.

(3) Episodes Worth Watching – These have flawed scripts or execution, but often have compelling performances and/or ideas – in blue.

(4) Episodes That Haven't Been Aired Recently – These may or may not be good, but they are worth watching just because they have been off the air for so long – in purple.

Happy Zoning!!

My Favorites  Short List
(Click the time to jump to the episode description.)

6:00 PMIn Praise Of Pip
6:30 PM  Steel
7:30 PM – Nightmare At 20,000 Feet
8:00 PM  Jockey
8:30 PMLiving Doll

Full List  With Descriptions

6:00 PM  In Praise Of Pip – S5.E1 | I LOVE this episode. I REALLY love this episode (and did I mention I love this episode?). Jack Klugman  delivers a top-notch, tragic performance as a dying no-good trying to do right by his serviceman son, Pip (a much less fearsome Billy Mumy). Sweet, sad magical ending.

6:30 PM  – Steel  S5.E2 | [Description to be added later]

7:00 PM – Nightmare At 20,000 Feet –  S5.E3 | "There's a man out on the wing!!" Shatner at his whiteknuckle best. #6 on the Time list.

7:30 PM – A Kind Of Stopwatch –  S5.E4 | Blabbering bore gets comeuppance via magical timepiece. Perhaps an inspiration for the 80s' silly Girl, the Gold Watch and Everything?

8:00 PM  – The Last Night of a Jockey   S5.E5 | Mickey Rooney in the tour de force monologue of a ne'er-do-well jockey who is offered his deepest desire. TZ once again examines the "be careful what you wish for" theme, this time delivered powerfully by good writing the excellent Rooney.

8:30 PM  Living Doll – S5.E6 | "My name is Talky Tina – and you'd better be nice to me!" Telly Savalas takes on June Foray's creepy voiced doll. This one gave me nightmares. #1 on the Time list.

9:00 PM – The Old Man In The Cave – S5.E7 | Confused story set in a post-apocalyptic future of 1974 (!!!). Town listens to the “old man” until soldiers tell them not to be superstitious – and it doesn’t work out well for anyone. What’s the message? Don’t trust your own perceptions? Ugh. Only worth watching for a young James Coburn.

9:30 PM – Uncle Simon –  S5.E8 | Two despicable people in a screeching, unredeemable story. Sadistic eponymous Uncle berates greedy, gold-digging niece caretaker into an "accidental" (and fatal) lapse in care. Twist ending? Yeah, but who cares. By the time it's over you'll want to twist off your head. Geeks may get a kick out of the brief cameo of Forbidden Planet's Robby the Robot; the ambulatory prop also appears on "The Brain Center at Whipple's" (10:00 AM 1/3) and in miniature in "One for the Angels" (7:30 PM 12/30).

9:30 PM – Probe 7 Over and Out – S5.E9 | Stranded astronaut Richard Basehart, meets hostile alien female on deserted planet. She hurls rocks at him. Or maybe it's just foreplay. Now, what shall we call this place...? (Appropriately rhymes with "dearth.") The same story is better told in "Two" (5:30 AM 1/1).

10:00 PM  The 7th Is Made Up Of Phantoms – S5.E10 | Spooked National Guard tank crew gets drafted into Custer's 7th Cavalry. Big whoop.

10:30 PM – A Short Drink From A Certain Fountain – S5.E11 | Here we go again with the be-careful-what-you-wish-for theme. Rich geezer wants to keep up with his greedy vain young wife; comeuppance awaits them both.

11:30 PM – Ninety Years Without Slumbering – S5.E11 | Ed Wynn fears that if his heirloom grandfather clock stops ticking, so will his heart! Pragmatic pregnant daughter sends him to a shrink for some serious de-Zoning. Too bad. According to Marc Scott Zicree, the original superior script stayed within (and was worthy of) the Zone.

Descriptions are Being Updated; Please Check Back Later 
(for now, the notable episodes are marked with asterisks)

1200p S4.E13 The New Exhibit *
100p S4.E14 Of Late I Think of Cliffordville *
200p S4.E15 The Incredible World of Horace Ford *
300p S4.E16 On Thursday We Leave for Home *
400p S4.E17 Passage on the Lady Anne *
500p S4.E18 The Bard *

Friday, January 1, 2016

Tandava's Guide to the Zone--2015-16--Part V: New Year's Day 7pm to January 2nd 12pm

Please note: This entry is a work in progress. Since I was not able to add updates in time, I am moving on to Part VI, and will update the below later for your future reference. Thanks!! 

ZoneZone, and more Zone! Welcome to Part V of this year's whopping seven-part Guide to the Zone.

As mentioned in prior Parts I,  IIIII, and  IV, the SyFy channel is airing the whole series -- all 156 episodes of The Twilight Zone in order, twice as many as the usual 80-90 that they show
Cliff Robertson in "The Dummy", airing 1/1 9:30pm

Over the past two days, we've gotten through Seasons One and Two (36 and 29 episodes, respectively), and 27 of Season Three's whopping 37 episodes.

Now we enter Season Four, which contains the series' rarely-seen hourlong episodes. Since this season has only 18 episodes, I am extending this entry to noon on January 2nd.

I would strongly recommend setting your recorder for this one since it may be a while before these episodes are broadcast again.

As always, at the top is a short list including the current Time Top 10, my personal favorites, other noteworthy episodes, and the episodes which have not been aired recently – which are the bulk of Season Four's episodes.

Since there are no episodes on the Time Top 10 List this Part's categories are:

(1) My Personal Favorite Episodes – These are underrated gems with strong scripts and beautiful performances – in green.

(2) Episodes Worth Watching – These have flawed scripts or execution, but often have compelling performances and/or ideas – in blue.

(3) Episodes That Haven't Been Aired Recently – These may or may not be good, but they are worth watching just because they have been off the air for so long – in purple.

Happy Zoning!!

My Favorites  Short List
(Click the time to jump to the episode description.)

7:30 PM  Four O'Clock
8:30 PM  The Trade-Ins
9:30 PM  The Dummy
10:00 PM  Young Man's Fancy
11:00 PM  Cavender is Coming
11:30 PM  The Changing of the Guard
12:00 AM  In His Image

Full List  With Descriptions

7:00 PM – The Little People –  S3.E28 | Ego and physical relativity clash in this memorable (though mediocre) episode, which has been lampooned  in The SimpsonsSouth Park, and Futurama. Good performance by Claude Akins.

7:30 PM  – Four O'Clock  S3.E29 | A McCarthyesque fanatic (entertainingly portrayed by the excellent Theodore Bikel) has kept detailed lists and files on all the "evil people" in the world, and will shrink them all to two feet tall at 4 o'clock. Unfortunately, Bikel (who passed in 2015) can't save the overwrought caricatured script.

8:00 PM – Hocus-Pocus and Frisby – S3.E30 | A braggart gas station attendant's tales of prowess are believed by some seriously gullible aliens who want to take him home as a specimen of Earth's finest. Meh.

8:30 PM  – The Trade-Ins  S3.E31 | An old, ailing couple go to New Life Corporation to transplant themselves into young, artificial bodies  but they only have enough money for one body. A good script and excellent performances serve the high themes of love, compassion, and courage well. Try to catch this one.

9:00 PM – The Gift – S3.E32 | Mexicans fear an (ahem) illegal alien. Too bad, cuz he could have really helped you guys... Crappy script, wooden performances. Skip it.

9:30 PM –  The Dummy – S3.E33 | The terrific Cliff Robertson as a troubled ventriloquist whose creepy dummy will simply not stay in the box.

10:00 PM  – Young Man's Fancy  S3.E34 | A man and his wife prepare to sell the house of his boyhood shortly after his mother's passing. Aided by the spooky house, he is overcome with nostalgia for his youth and begins to have a change of heart... Mediocre script and acting, and a twist ending we've seen before.

10:30 PM – I Sing The Body Electric – S3.E35 | Sweet story about a robot nanny lovingly bonding with motherless tots.

11:00 PM  – Cavender is Coming  S3.E36 | Carol Burnett is a down-on-her-luck newly unemployed usherette (an employment experience taken directly from Burnett's own life, in particular her manager's absurd hand signals) who gains the services of bumbling angel Cavender (Jesse White) trying to earn his wings. Similar to "Mr. Bevis" (12/31 11am) she is given riches and luxuries ... and has a similar reaction to them. A lousy script unworthy of Ms. Burnett, but it's fun to watch her in one of her first television performances.

11:30PM  – The Changing Of The Guard  – S3.E37 | It's A Wonderful Life meets Goodbye, Mr. Chips, TZ-style. Sweet, sentimental, with beautiful acting by Donald Pleasence.

12:00 AM – In His Image  S4.E1 | Bitter, lonely robotics genius Walter Ryder (portrayed by the superb George Grizzard) creates an artificial duplicate of himself, who is charming, content, and loved  a "perfect" version of Ryder, except for one small problem.... Another exploration of identity and what makes us human. Insightful and thoughtfully written, with a tour-de-force by Grizzard. One of my favorites.

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(for now, the notable episodes are marked with asterisks)

100a S4.E2 The 30-Fathom Grave
200a S4.E3 Valley of the Shadow
300a S4.E4 He's Alive
400a S4.E5 Mute
500a S4.E6 Death Ship
600a S4.E7 Jess-Belle
700a S4.E8 Miniature
800a S4.E9 Printer's Devil
900a S4.E10 No Time like the Past
1000a S4.E11 The Parallel
1100a S4.E12 I Dream of Genie