Blood on the Veil



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~~~~~About the Show~~~~~

Blood on the Veil  
A Bellydancer's Journey Towards Healing, Transformation,
and the Divine Feminine

Written and Performed by 

Directed by

Lighting Design: Alex Chmaj, Alex Barteneiff, Carol Henning

Stage Manager: Moriah Spector Gornstein
Lights & Sound: 
Artwork: Jerry Bezdikian

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Friday, April 8th 8:00pm
Phoenix Center for the Arts
1202 North 3rd Street
Phoenix, AZ

$20 in advance | $10 for children (under age 10)
$25 at the door | $15 for children
$75 in advance for a group of 5 adults ($15 each)

"[M]esmerizing... electrifying... and fascinating… her passionately delivered M]monologues laced with humor [are] … a glorious lesson in the full scope of what this art form really is all about.
 Sondra Forsyth,

"There are so many misconceptions about belly dancing and Tandava covers them all through her heart shaking and inspiring stories ... of her journey to belly dancing that are so vivid and worded well enough to make you feel as if you were there with her.
 Satara Singleton,

"Blood on the Veil is ENCHANTING, you will laugh, cry and relate to the characters in the play. A MUST-SEE piece of theater."
 Sofia Davis, Editor-in-Chief, Fashion Ave News

What's it About?

Can bellydance heal the body, stimulate the soul and change your life?

Please join internationally acclaimed actor, writer and bellydancer Carol Tandava Henning in this poignant, compelling and wickedly funny solo theater show exploring themes of feminine empowerment, body-image and the transformative power of dance. In a whirlwind two-hour monologue-in-movement under the insightful direction of Jeffrey Fiske (The Screwtape Letters, Boudica), Henning traces her personal experience with bellydance as well as thedance's authentic cultural roots and positive effects on both body and soul.

Each show features performances by New York's finest bellydancers and an engaging emcee to guide you through the evening!!

Prior Performances

Boston, MA: Cambridge YMCA Theatre

Greenlawn, Long Island, NY: Moose Lodge

NYC, NY: The People's Improv Theatre, Richmond Shepard Theatre, Stage Left Studio, Write Act Repertory Theater, United Solo Festival/Theatre Row Studios, Theater for the New City

Orlando, FL: John and Rita Lowndes Shakespeare Center

Philadelphia: CEC Center for the Arts

San Francisco, CA: EXIT Stage Left Theater



Tue 2/17 8pm -- Kaitlin Hines, Sharon Zaslaw | Jehan Kamal | Marc D Mills

Wed 2/18 2pm -- Julia Kulakova, Kaitlin Hines | Syrena Nikole | Marc D Mills

Wed 2/18 8pm -- 
 Julia Kulakova, Kris Amez | Jehan Kamal | Marc D Mills

Thur 2/19 8pm -- Jean Musacchio, Naomi Takahashi | Tarik Sultan | Marc D Mills

Fri 2/20 8pm -- Paméla Miel Danse, Petite JoJo | Shoshana | Kay Kizi'ah

Sat 2/21 2pm -- 
Torkom Movsesiyan, Calixta Starr | Samara | Alex Harper

Sat 2/21 8pm -- Sharon Zaslaw, Torkom Movsesiyan | Morocco ("Aunt Rocky") | Kay Kizi'ah

Sun 2/22 3pm -- 
Torkom Movsesiyan, Tatianna Morales | Samara | Petite JoJo

Tue 2/24 8pm -- Cherrelle Davis, Julia Kulakova | Queen Esma | Kay Kizi'ah

Wed 2/25 2pm -- Jean Musacchio, Kaitlin Hines | Mimi Fontana | 
Alia Berezov

Wed 2/25 8pm -- Jenny RaQs, Julia Kulakova | Anahid Sofian | Petit JoJo

Thur 2/26 8pm -- Jean Musacchio, Naomi Takahashi | Tarik Sultan | 
Alia Berezov

Fri 2/27 8pm -- Paméla Miel Danse, Petite JoJo | Shoshana | Kay Kizi'ah

Sat 2/28 2pm -- Regina H Kanhai, Salit Cohen | LaUra | Alex Harper

Sat 2/28 8pm -- Calixta Starr, Cherrelle Davis | Chadia | Petit JoJo

Sun 3/1 3pm -- Alia Berezov, Kris Amez, Eshtar Lucretia | Mimi Fontana & Manhattan Tribal | Alex Harper


Alex Harper:  Sat 2/21 2pm (MC), Sat 2/28 2pm (MC), 3/1 (MC)
Alia:  Wed 2/25 2pm (MC), Thu 2/26 8pm (MC), Sat 2/28 2pm Sun 3/1 3pm
Anahid Sofian:  Wed 2/25 8pm
Calixta:  Sat 2/21 2pm, Sat 2/28 8pm
Chadia:  Sat 2/28 8pm
Cherrelle Davis:  Tue 2/24 8pm, Sat 2/28 8pm
Esma:  Tue 2/24 8pm
Jean Musacchio:  Thur 2/19 8pm, Wed 2/25 2pm, Thu 2/26 8pm
Jehan:  Tue 2/17 8pm, Weds 2/18 8pm
Jenny RaQs:  Wed 2/25 8pm
Julia Kulakova:  Wed 2/18 2pm, Weds 2/18 8pm, Tue 2/24 8pm, Wed 2/25 8pm
Kaitlin:  Tue 2/17 8pm, Wed 2/18 2pm, Wed 2/25 2pm
Kay Kizi'ah:  Fri 2/20 8pm (MC), Sat 2/21 8pm (MC), Tue 2/24 8pm (MC), Fri 2/27 8pm (MC),
Kristin Amezquita:  Weds 2/18 8pm, Sun 3/1 3pm
LaUra:  Sat 2/28 2pm
Liz Free:  Sun 3/1 3pm
Marc Mills:  Tue 2/17 8pm (MC), Wed 2/18 2pm (MC), Weds 2/18 8pm (MC), Thur 2/19 8pm (MC),
Mimi Fontana:  Wed 2/25 2pm, Sun 3/1 3pm
Morocco:  Sat 2/21 8pm, (Sat 2/21 6pm VIP Party)
Naomi:  Thur 2/19 8pm, Thu 2/26 8pm
Pamela Miel:  Fri 2/20 8pm, Fri 2/27 8pm
Petite JoJo:  Fri 2/20 8pm, Sun 2/22 3pm (MC), Wed 2/25 8pm (MC), Fri 2/27 8pm, Sat 2/28 8pm (MC)
Regina Hardatt:  Sat 2/28 2pm
Salit:  Sat 2/28 2pm
Samara:  Sat 2/21 2pm, Sun 2/22 3pm
Sharon Zaslaw:  Tue 2/17 8pm, Sat 2/21 8pm
Shoshana:  Fri 2/20 8pm, Fri 2/27 8pm
Syrena Nikole:  Wed 2/18 2pm (Sat 2/21 6pm VIP Party)
Tarik Sultan:  Thur 2/19 8pm, Thu 2/26 8pm
Tatianna:  Sun 2/22 3pm
Torkom Movsesiyan:  Sat 2/21 2pm, Sat 2/21 8pm, Sun 2/22 3pm  

Audiences rave: "Beautiful, moving, touching, humorous and engaging" ... "A must-see for every woman who has struggled with self-image at some point during her life" ... "A great insight into the personal realm of being a bellydancer" ... "Men who RESPECT this artform ... please go see this ... it is her story ... but it is OUR story" ... "Refined, filled with subtle nuance, and just plain beautiful to behold" ... "Spectacular ... transcendent and ... mesmerizing!"

Running time is approximately two hours and 15 minutes (includes 15-minute intermission); each performance will be joined by three surprise guest dancers who will perform a pre-show to each act.


Listings, Features, and Reviews by Press and Audience. 


OGGI Italia (by Mario Fratti):  "
"On the Middle East there is also an enjoyable evening of theater at the Theater for the New City (155 First Avenue). Blood on the Veil, written and choreographed by the talented Carol Tandava Henning. The world of the beautiful, sexy bellydancer and the transformation of the divine feminine. Also explained is how they came to be considered sexual objects to be exploited while Muslim men kept their wives and daughters locked up at home.  All were good and convincing as dancers and actresses:  Carol, Kaitlin, Julia Kulakova, Kris Amez. Much applause, a beautiful success."

YIP PODCAST: A review of Blood on the Veil (goes from1:15 to 4:30): 

An interview with Tandava here (starts at 33:20):

What People Are Saying!

"Dear students: consider this a requirement. Go see Carol Tandava Henning's show Blood on the Veil. ... Men who RESPECT this artform ... please go see this as well. As much as I often abhor what surrounds this art ... her show is fully why I am still in it. It is her story.. but it is OUR story. ... Tandava has definitely made a name for herself in and out of the community with this performance. Now GO!" -- Dorit Elena, Singer/Songwriter, Actor, Dancer, Wonder Woman!, NYC

"[S]pectacular...transcendent and ...mesmerizing. ... [Y]our story contains a profound sense of symbolism and spirituality as well as a humility and rawness that has the audience falling in love with you. Your performance portrays many different facets of the ... Divine Feminine that you represent: Beautiful friend, inspiration, Goddess, mysterious dancer, intelligent being, loving woman, fierce soul, scared little girl, adventurous, and fragile..." -- Mariposa, Dancer, Teacher, NYC

"Beautiful, moving, touching, humorous and engaging. It isn't just about being a dancer, it is about being any kind of artist or a person filled with love and passion for what they are. Carol Tandava Henning has created a love letter and presentation about her life and passion which will speak to all." -- Jeff Webb, Professor of Art, Musician, NYC

"What a great insight into the personal realm of being a bellydancer. The show was truthful, entertainng, funny and I hope you all can make it to see it!" -- Athena Najat, Award-Winning Dancer & Teacher, Athens, Greece

"The show is courageous and well put together, and you were an eloquent poised presenter. As both a creator and performer, you're to be commended for such engaging work." -- Autumn Ward, Teacher, Dancer & Choreographer, NYC

"Tandava, you brave, beautiful woman! Congratulations on putting together a wonderful show!" -- Aszmara, Master Teacher, Dancer & Choreographer, Pelham, NY

"Ms. Henning has a captivating presence as she relives her journey on stage!" -- Serge Prengel, LMHC, Psychotherapist and Author, NYC

"Thank you for a wonderful show." -- Magdalena Russo, Dancer/Photographer, NYC

"Bravo to you habibti. You reached into our hearts tonight. Love and light to you!" -- Esma, Dancer, Teacher, NYC

"All I can say is that you are ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!!! BRAVA!!!!!!! Your voice must be heard as you are such an inspiration!" Jaklina, Dancer, NYC

"Your show is very transformative for our dance and well written, looking forward to more!" -- Katrina Kizi'ah, Dancer, NYC

"You are indeed a thing of beauty and a joy forever. I was so proud to be at your show tonight." -- Michele V, NYC

"‎Carol Tandava Henning is the bravest woman I know. Go see Blood on the Veil ... if you need some wit and wisdom." -- Catherine P, Dancer, NYC

"A fabulous show! A must-see for every woman who has struggled with self-image at some point during her life (and who hasn't?) and for those who have tackled obstacles to embark on the road to personal best! ...Very effective theater! Bravo, Tandava!" -- Layla Mary, Master Teacher, Dancer, Choreographer, NYC

"I heartily recommend this show to everyone interested in dance, music, poetry, narrative wit, mesmerizing body motion, courage, determination, and simply, beauty." -- Charles E Gerber, Acclaimed Actor, Director, Founding Member of the Workshop Theater Company, NYC

"A terrific one-woman show...about [Ms. Henning's] evolution as a dancer...into a belly dancer. Let's hope that the word spreads about this artist. She is a special talent." -- Eric Williams, Broadcast Journalist, WBAI Evening News NYC / Pacifica Radio, Melbourne, Australia

"Your show was captivating, indeed riveting. I cried and laughed at the same time .... it's a must see for anyone seriously considering becoming a bellydancer. BRAVO!!!!!" -- Margarita Abadie, Dancer, NYC


Photo Gallery by my awesome cousin Tom Henning.