Sunday, February 24, 2008

Blogging Badawiyat and Beyond

Oh the pain!!!

Don't get me wrong, though -- the performance at P.S. 122 went well -- really well -- so much so that the good people at LaMama have asked the Collective for a reprise at their space in May.

BUT... I suppose there is always a tinge of bad with the good.

I haven't seen the video yet, but as far as I could tell, we started off fine... all in synch and in stoic Bedouin character.

And then came the veils.

Let me tell you a little about the veils......

Now, these are beautiful veils, and a huge part of Dalia's vision for the piece, as we sweep from a stoic debke line into the piece's sandstorm climax.

As you might expect, they are a deep, sandy gold, made of heavy poly-silk, which drapes beautifully and glows in stagelight.

And they are long. Long, long long. Mine was the longest, at over 4 yards. The shortest was just under 3.5 yards.

We start sans veils -- very stern, lean and mean.

About two minutes in, the group of eight splits, with my half exiting as the others hip-twist forward.

My group returns, ritualistically draped in our veils (sorry, I can't show you a pic of that here... these photos are from the DNA performance in October '07).

Anyway. We cross forward and split to the four corners of the stage.

Now, bear in mind, it looks like the veils are draped very simply over us, so we look like a bunch of sandy ghosts, but in fact they are slyly tucked into the backs of our dance pants so at the right cue -- woosh!

The veils go up, forming a sail behind us. This looks especially nice when you spin.

So, while I'm there spinning my little head off, I feel something at my feet. Of course I can't look down. But I feel a tug at the veil in my hand.


During the first cross, my veil came untucked from my pants and was dragging on the floor behind me, completely ruining the effect of the sail!!

And what killed me was that, in all the rehearsals and performances, I have never had a problem with my veil. In fact, I think this whole sail-veil thing may have been my idea!

So my pertard was firmly hoist (and, no, a petard is not a sail or other nautical device... it's actually a bomb -- no kidding!).

But I didn't look down, and I didn't trip. I just went on as normal for the minute or so that the section lasted, and then leaned waaaaaaay back, as far as I could, so Yowalka could grab the veil -- as planned -- with a spectacular flourish.

Beautiful, huh?

Anyway. The people I spoke to after the show said it looked all right. It helped that I kept on going, which is the most you can expect from anyone in a prop/wardrobe malfunction situation.

And sometimes it is exactly the malfunction that shows just how professional you can be.

Feeling my pain, a friend sent me this hysterical clip of the unforgettable Anita Morris. Keep your eyes on her little skirt -- especially around 2:41.

Yes, she was a goddess -- and a great inspiration to us all!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Badawiyat, MOTM and Egypt-Bound!

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope the young archer has been good to you -- and if he hasn't, may you fill your heart with music and dance! I will be doing exactly that tonight at a charity event for the Jewish Home of the Aged.

Technically, this is a private event, but if you're absolutely dying to see some dancing and share a lot of love with those who need it most, please let me know and I'll try bring you as a special guest.
In the spirit of love (and the hefty Dalia Carella rehearsal schedule) I'm only doing a few charity events this month.

My one public performance will be Badawiyat, which The Dalia Carella Dance Collective premiered last year through Dance New Amsterdam's Performance Project.

We are remounting it as part of The Field's modern dance performance showcase, Fielday at PS 122 this

Sunday, February 17 @ 7pm

PS 122
150 First Ave. at E. 9th St
Admission: $10 at the door

We are the first act, so please get there on time!
Other things going on in Tandavaland......
Yes, I'm Raquy's Messenger of the Month for February 2008! And if that's not cool enough, I'm going to hang with her in Egypt in March!!

I'll be posting more details about this later, but at the moment all I have are departure dates --March 12th through the 18th -- and Raquy's awesome three-bedroom pad.

Yay!!! Alhamdulela!!

And I've been studying Pimsleur's Comprehensive Egyptian Arabic CDs which, I have to say, are very effective. Granted, the vocabulary is limited, but you learn all the important stuff, and it's taught in a way that gives you strong retention.

Of course, I'm sure I'll be pretty lost when trying to understand others, but at least I'll know enough for bargaining at the bazaar.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Archive: Events for January 2008

This is a list of my public events during Jan 08:

Tuesday, January 22 @ 7:30pm - emceeing and dancing at BEYONDFUSION: a Belly Dance SHOWCASE at Le Souk 47 Ave. B, bet. 3rd & 4th Sts --with Tahya, Mimi Fontana/Manhattan Tribal & Nadia Moussa with guest dancers in "Tumbao". NO COVER. $15 food/drink minimum at tables.

Sunday, January 27 @ 7pm - emceeing at SharQui's Night of Stars at DROM, 85 Avenue A & 5th -- with Nadira, Aszmara, Jeniviva, Kazja, Ranya, Tarik Sultan, Layla Isis and Oreet. $20 cover.

Wednesday, January 30 @ 7pm (dance performances start at 8:30pm) - dancing at Bellyqueen's weekly Djam Under Je'Bon, 15 St. Mark's Pl & 3rd Ave -- with Dunya. $10 cover. $5 food/drink minimum.